SCHEDULING IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. (If you are traveling from out of state you can still email me, and we can see if we can coordinate around your trip)

During my last round of booking I received an overwhelming amount of ideas that I would thoroughly enjoy doing. As such my books will be closed to accommodate all of those submissions. The schedule will reopen WINTER 2019 unless I get through those ideas I have already received sooner, in which case that will be announced.

When they do open the following guidelines will be in place:

Before submitting your ideas I will ask for everyone to read the FAQ and take a look at my portfolio to familiarize yourself with my process and style.

  • Please note: I do not typically accept cover ups or reworks. Usually I will recommend laser removal to lighten things first.

  • I will not do anything without a black outline.

  • No watercolor, photo realism, or celtic/tribal.

To request an appointment you will need the following information filled out. Any emails that are received that don't have all of the info will be passed on. 

  • Name (first and last)

  • Instagram handle (if you have one)

  • Phone number

  • Age

  • Location (city, state, country)

  • Tattoo Placement and Approximate size

  • Tattoo Description

  • Photo of the area to be tattooed (if possible)

  • Dates and Times that you are most available.

  • Approximate Budget if applicable

  • Any photo references or inspiration that you would like to include

I only schedule for predetermined blocks of time, however as mentioned before, if you are traveling from out of state feel free to let me know so we can coordinate travel. 

Thank you all so much for your interests and patience!

-Jess △⃒⃘

Thank you everyone!

-Jess △⃒⃘