Blast from the Past

Another thing that I have left behind for far too long is photography.

It's difficult, when you are an artist who works primarily on commissioned designs, to find time to do things for yourself. With the amount of drawing I do for my clients, other artistic avenues, like for example painting, have been hard for me to commit to.

It's not at all that I don't enjoy tattooing; I feel very lucky to be in a position where I can be artistically fulfilled on a regular basis. But still, there are times where I feel the need for a personal project.

Painting isn't something that I've ever really had an intrinsic interest in. I know that may seem crazy considering that, somewhere along the line, tattooing and painting really started going hand in hand. I personally know very few tattoo artists who don't paint. I mean, they at least watercolor!

Am I weird? 

I mean, yes, I'm weird... but I don't think I'm weird in that sense.

I tend to be fairly hard on myself, as most artists do, about the quality of my work, and how well I feel I can accomplish something. I've spent the last seven years dedicated to tattooing and thankfully, I have reached a point where I feel confident in my abilities to continue to explore, grow, and learn new things in this field. Every time I sit down to paint, on the other hand, I am completely useless. I have no idea what I am doing, and this avenue that so many people tell me is supposed to be relaxing, instead makes me feel insane. I know, I know... it's part of the process. But I don't like it, haha. I just don't. And I'm not ready to spend energy on something that makes me so frustrated. 

Enter in: Photography. 

It's something that I have a history with, that I used to really enjoy, and while I might be a little rusty after 7 years, it doesn't make me feel useless. It's something personal that I can do for myself, and if other people enjoy it, that's an added perk. 

So for anyone who's interested, there's some photos I took floating around on Instagram, but don't worry, I'm not quitting tattooing. :)